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Top 5 Apps For Rooted Android Users 2017

Many android users find it more comforting if their phone is rooted. Rooting the phone in definition is an extra step taken to get more control over your phone. Like the ability to introduce theme support in android for example, which the Stock Android does not support (many third party OEMs may introduce them on top of their custom skin but those aren't unified). Most of people those who browse through Play Store may have seen the [root] tag at least once in the names of certain apps. These apps probably won't work unless yours is Rooted. Below are top 5 apps that every Rooted Android Phone users should try.

1. Titanium Backup

Titanium Backup is essentially a workaround for the traditional 'Apps' section in the settings menu but with a lot of useful extras. First and for most useful feature is its ability to backup apps with their app data. It compresses the app data so no worries about storage space. It also have the option to make the whole process automatic and you can also backup to an external storage. Another cool feature is that it lists almost all the apps including system apps and you can even disable the battery draining system apps. Their is more useful features like this in Titanium backup that a normal user can't even imagine. We leave it for you to explore and we're pretty sure you will get surprised.


Download Titanium Backup

2. Greenify

Greenify is simply an app that will make you get the most out of your phone's battery. It uses the same method as android names as 'doze' but in a more effective way. What it does is that it will put the apps that run in the background into doze mode more often. This clears the apps that is clinging on to the memory and will release more free memory. But instead of closing the apps Greenify puts them in a state of 'hibernation' so that they are force closed and still don't use the precious system resources. Make sure that you mark only the apps that don't require to run in background in greenify settings( marking apps like Whatsapp will result in break of instant message notification).


3. Substratum Theme Engine

Substratum is the app which can bring theme support to android. Not only that it brings support, there are dozens of themes out there in play store which includes both free and paid ones. One big advantage of this is that you can combine themes to get your own perfect mix. This is possible because that the users can decide which elements are to be themed. Lets say that one like the themed status bar of a particular theme but not the themed settings menu, then the user simply needs to uncheck the settings UI in the overlays.


4. Root Essentials

Root Essentials is an all in one feature box which contain tools which would otherwise require multiple apps. Some of the tools are for the daily users but some are for a bit more advanced users. It includes tools like Root browser, Battery calibration, advanced rebooter- likewise many more. Root essential also packs some striking options such as Emoji changer, which can bring newer emojis to those stuck with older android versions.


5. Kernel Adiutor

Kernel auditor brings together many things that the users are unable to access. It can display all the information about the cores of CPU, like current clock speed, max clock speed, min clock speed etc. There are a ton of options regarding how should the phone's hardwares should operate but it is recommended to stay silent to those options that is unknown or google it before proceeding. Kernel Adiutor also has a Sound Control panel where usually you are served with options to increase or decrease max and min speaker, earphone or earpiece volumes. So for those of you that always complain that their earphone volume is low can give it a try but always consider the possibility that it may damage your gadgets if they are not used in the way they should be.


 Download Kernel Adiutor

Caution : Please try the above mentioned apps at your own risk. Tampering with options that you don't know can damage your phone.



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