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4th Edition of CodeChef Global Onsite Programming Competition, SnackDown 2017 : Win Cash Prizes worth USD 20,500

CodeChef, a non-profit educational initiative of Directi, a leading group of technology and web products companies, today announced the much awaited 4th edition of their annual onsite programming competition – SnackDown 2017.

CodeChef SnackDown is a multi-round computer programming contest, with teams, consisting of a maximum of 2 members each, competing for the ultimate title of “SnackDown 2017 Champions”, cash awards over USD 20,500, and many more exciting prizes. CodeChef SnackDown is the only competition globally for people across schools, colleges, organizations, and home schooled children to come together and compete on a common platform.

Unlike the previous years, participants from different organizations/institutes will be allowed to form teams, paving the way for top programmers across the globe to come together and form cross-country teams to further fuel the competitive spirit. For more information visit Here

The contest starts on 20th May, 2017, with first online qualifier round, and concludes on 1st July, 2017, with the Onsite Grand Finale in Directiplex, Mumbai.

Terms and Conditions
  • CodeChef’s SnackDown is a programming contest where all the problems are algorithmic in nature and the participants are expected to solve them by writing codes. You can try your hand on CodeChef’s monthly contest to get an idea of problems that you will be subjected to in SnackDown. Visit Here
  • CodeChef supports over 50 programming languages, anyone of which can be used to compete in SnackDown. You can check the complete list of languages and compiler CodeChef supports here: Programming languages
  • There’s absolutely no eligibility to take part in SnackDown. If you can code, you can compete in the competition. That’s what makes it one of its kind
  •  CodeChef SnackDown is a multi-round contest with teams progressing from every round towards the onsite finale. There are four rounds namely:
    1. Qualifier
    2. Pre-elimination (there are 3 pre-elimination rounds, with teams progressing from each of them)
    3. Elimination
    4. Onsite Finale
Awards for the winner of SnackDown 

First and foremost, the bragging rights to be called as SnackDown Champions. Along with that there are plethora of cool CodeChef SnackDown merchandises and huge cash prizes. The breakup of the cash prizes are:

● 1st Prize: $10,000
● 2nd Prize: $5,000
● 3rd Prize: $3000
● Best Indian team: $2000
● All girls team and an Indian school team: $500 (each).
● Top 300 teams from the elimination round win CodeChef SnackDown Merchandise.

Registration Process

The Registrations for the SnackDown 2017 will open on 14th April, 2017, and will continue till 23rd May, 2017. You can find more information about the competition, its rules, eligibility, and the registration process at: SnackDown 2017

Deatils in short

- Only global onsite competition to provide opportunities to schools, colleges, organizations and anyone with a knack for programing to compete on a common platform

- SnackDown 2017 to allow participants to form teams with anyone of their choice, removing the previous criteria that members should belong to the same institution/organization

- Cash awards over USD 20,500 and many other exciting prizes to be won

- A unique opportunity for the best Indian talent to meet and compete with the top programmers in the world

- Special slots reserved for school teams and girls’ teams



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