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Why Experts Saying Stop Carrying Mobile Phone in Your Pocket : Priority To Safety

If you’re a man and you carry your mobile phone in your pants pocket, or a woman who tucks her phone into her bra or bra strap… chances are you aren’t aware of the damage this practice may be causing. You’re not going to hear about it from the cell phone companies who are resisting mounting evidence about the dangers of mobile phone radiation but there is also cell phone makers warn you to not put their product under pockets.Give a try to listen them

What are the dangers emitting along with phone radiations

Cell Phones and Infertility/Decreased Sperm Counts : Cell phones placed inside pans pocket closed to testes under very dangerous.when cell phones were in talk mode and located in close proximity to the testes, sperm cells were damaged.

Ashok Agarwal, Director of the Center for Reproductive Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic, quoted :
We believe that these devices are used because we consider them very safe, but it could cause harmful effects due to the proximity of the phones and the exposure that they are causing to the gonads.

Ultimate villain "Cancer" also hands to phone radiations : Perhaps the greatest area of concern when it comes to cell phone use and health is cancer.Evidence is mounting that prolonged exposure to radiation from cell phones carried on the body can lead to breast and other cancers

A pile of research has confirmed that non-ionizing communications radiation in the radio-frequency (RF) microwave spectrum has the same effect on human health as ionizing gamma wave radiation from nuclear reactions

For men, a recent study showed that when cell phones in talk mode were located in close proximity to the testes, sperm cells were damaged. This can lead to infertility and a higher incidence of birth defects.

For women, carrying a mobile phone in the bra or bra strap has been linked with the development of breast cancer

Measures to Help Minimize Cell Phone Health Risks

Here are the five measures adapted from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) for safer cell phone use:

1) Use a headset or speaker instead of holding the phone up to your ear
2) When in use, hold phone away from your body
3) Text more and talk less
4) Call when the signal is strong
5) Don’t store your phone in your pocket (or under your pillow)

Where do we keep cell phone when pocket is not safe

Manufactures trying their best to avoid such danger health issues caused due to emition of radiations from phone.Cell phone users are not enough knowledge about the bad habit of carrying phone under pockets , However cell phone makers managed to giving proper advice to their customers whom carrying phone under pockets.

The Federal Communication Commission recommends keeping your phone 5 to 25 millimeters away, depending on the model, to limit radio frequency (RF) exposure to safe levels

Take handbags or purse to carry cell phones.Thanks to our hand, helping us to keep safe distance from cell phone to our body..



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