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Whatsapp Rolling Out Gif Searching And Instant Gif Sending Feature On Whatsapp Itself ; Raised Media Sharing Limit to 30

Whatsapp announces New Feature Gif Search on whatsapp android platform.
Gif Search ,we can now search for, choose, and send GIFs from the WhatsApp app on our Android phones

 [ Raised Media Sharing ] : In this update whatsapp also increased media sharing limit from 10 to 30. Previously, you couldn't send more than 10 photos or videos through WhatsApp in one go, you had to pick 10, send, pick 10 others, send, and so on. Now the limit is 30 items

How It Works  
The function shows up when you tap the emoji button in WhatsApp's text box. There's a new bottom bar that lets you switch between emoji to GIF. You can then scroll through popular GIFs and insert them right away or search Giphy for a keyword to find the appropriate animation for your current state.

Search Giphy

Send Gif Instantly
Media Shaing Limit :

Send upto 30 Items

Wanna try this now ? If you are a beta user , go to playstore and update your current whatsapp to 2.17.6 otherwise download directly from below..

DowloadWhatsapp 2.17.6 (Beta)



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