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Insta360 Air : Amazing 360 VR Cam For Smartphones Costs Below 100 $ | Insta360

Man world advanced in reflecting whole things around them . Some minute thoughts may sometimes lead to big invention . If a boy thinks while streaming videos ' Ah ! who is standing left of the frame , its not clear ' - A best solution for his thought is ' 360 Videos ' . Yes , we can capure videos in 360 by taking multiple shots on different angles.  And idea of 360 videos goes more trending. Insta360 , a good initiator picked up the trend and packed inside small pocket gadgets  and in form of external clips to Smartphones.

Quest for capturing memorable moments lively turned to concept of VR technology and tools connected VR covered tech world and impacted the real world move with VR . Actually its awesome ! Recorded visuals performing infront of us in lively manner. Insta360 also included VR tool in Insta360 Air units

About Insta360 Air

The Insta360 Air is a lightweight and ultra portable clip-on camera for your Android smartphone. The camera captures stunning 360-degree HD images and videos that can be live streamed or shared instantly on social media. Place the Insta360 Air in VR mode for a fully immersive experience or use it as a 360 webcam for VR Skype meetings on your laptop.

You 're intrested , We know the relevance of Insta360 in present world. Lets move to check more aspects of Insta360 Air..

The ball shaped device can attach to smartphones. You know circle shape helps to capture your cool moments in 360 angle.

Technical features of Insta360 Air

Explore Insta360 Air

Connect Insta360 Air

Connect Social Medias Instantly

Bring new uses

Watch Insta360 Air ..

Wan't to try this ? Thats a lol question. Insta360 Air available to pre order online and the amazing fact that Insta360 costs only 99 $ . Price shows Insta360 not introduced you a pocket killer but worthy thing in budget.

Preorder now : Insta360 Air

You should wait for a little time to arrive your buddy but its worth waiting ...

Wishing the best to Team Insta360 , You are really Amazing . Go ahead  



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