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Google informed Android Pay is coming to the web via Chrome soon

Android Pay adoption continues to grow with haste and it looks like the service’s next stop is going to be the web. Google has announced that it will be bringing Android Pay to the mobile web soon, starting with new API support in the latest version of the company’s Chrome web browser.

Google hasn’t stated exactly when the new payment option will go online and hasn’t dished out too many details about how things with work through a web browser. From the looks of it, Android Pay will only be supported by a selection of retail partners. So we won’t be buying all of our goodies online using Android Pay, at least not yet.

“We’re moving beyond mobile apps and bringing the simplicity and security of Android Pay onto the mobile web. Users will soon be able to speed through mobile checkout on Chrome using Android Pay on sites like Groupon, and many more to come.”
Another interesting, possibly related development, is that fingerprint support has also recently been spotted in the works for Chromebooks. It’s possible that this technology could also be incorporated into Google’s Chrome and web payment system in the future, in order to verify Android Pay transactions from Google’s laptop as well as mobile platforms.

Source : Android Authority



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