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Best Alternate To Prisma Image Editor App

What makes Prisma popular ? Prisma placed exclusively on Apple store and now they announced its release in andrioid soon. The quick attention of prisma change social medias into Prismania.The funny thing is  Iphone users teasing and laughing at Android.To give them proper reply you should use Oil Painting Effect App on Android. Why should we recommend this app ? See the Best Opponent's Features.

Oil Effect is an easy-to-use photo editing app that allows you to turn your photographs into handpainted masterpieces! With just a few taps of the finger you can apply the photo effect so that your photo looks like it was painted with real paint on a real canvas.Select any photo you like from your device’s Gallery and open it up in the main editor. Use simple slider to customize your effect by deciding how much detail you’d like to preserve and how strong you’d like the effect to appear. When you’ve finished, save your image and share it to your favorite social networks—it’s that easy!

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