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Xiaomi Band 2 with OLED Display Arrived On June 7

The much awaited Mi Band 2 with OLED display is finally here!!  It's been 2 years since the launch of first genration Mi Band, the popular fitness tracker available at just $23. Later in September 2015, Mi Band Pulse was launched with Hear Rate sensor. Mi Band is now the second largest fitness tracket in world and sold over 20 Million trackers till now.

Specifications :

•Battery : 70 mAh,Lithium polymer 20 days battery life
•Weight : 7.0 g
•Water Resistant : IP67 Standards

•Intenral Config : 0.42" OLED Display,
2nd Gen Bluetooth 4.0,
ADI ultra-low power acceleration sensors & Photoelectric sensors
•Strap Size : 235 mm total length,
155 - 210 mm adjustable length
•Made of Thermoplastic elastomers, aluminium

Source : MIUI




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