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Parrot Disco Drone

Parrot Disco , The first “ready-to-fly” wing-shaped drone too picked good attraction to CES 2016 like LG Rollable OLED Screen . Disco drone completed its first flight in USA. The company specified just mount the wings to the body and throw it in the air. No piloting skills are required, and the first everyone can easily pilot.

“Autopilot” mode enables the automatic landing of drone which can use everyone .Disco lasts upto 45 minutes in air and lightweight drone which is less than 700 grams or 1.5 pounds.Disco inherits the 3-axis digital stabilization of the Bebop drone camera. This drone takes off and lands automatically for completely renewed user experience and soft, safe landings.

Parrot providing 14 Mega Pixel FullHD 1080P Front nose camera .Wing-shaped drone can also have the special feature of Removable the Wings.The Disco also enable the create and adjust way points with Fight Plan ( need app ).

Parrot Disco specs:
  • Front nose camera FullHD 1080P
  • First person view thanks to live video stream
  • Lightweight and robust design to ease maneuverability
  • Automatic take-off and landing thanks to ground sensors
  • Easy to pilot thanks to assisted flying modes
  • Flight time around 45 minutes
  • Waypoints with Flight Plan (* in-app purchase)
  • GPS return home
  • Extended Wi-Fi range with Parrot Skycontroller
  • Detachable wings for easy transport

Watch the video of Disco's delightful flight

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