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LG Rollable OLED Screen

LG Display,World's one of leading display design technology master comes to CES 2016 with Concept of Rollable OLED .
After the Lenovo's Flexible Display Wrist Phone And Foldable Tablet Article we stand here to introduce Amazing display technolgy of LG.

Don't think it is manipulated with image editor or it is just for fun.This image again proved us the slogan  ‘Your Imagination, Our Innovation’ of LG. The attraction moves to the foldable part of the LG Rollable OLED. They showed the 30 R 18-inch display can rolled up like a newspaper.

LG Display, the rollable OLED has a HD resolution of 1,200 by 810 with almost 1 million megapixels. It can be rolled up to a radius of 3cm without affecting the function of the display.

Dr. Sang-Beom Han, Vice Chairman & CEO of LG Display said, “LG Display has been sharing successful solutions with its customers by meeting the market’s requirements and demands with its differentiated technology. We will continue to offer differentiated values to the market and customers and strengthen the company’s leadership by responding quickly to trends in the expanding OLED market, including the fast-growing automotive and signage sectors, by offering various solutions.”

LG Display , The innovator confirms the concept of Rollable OLED will attend market sooner than 5 years.Then the new concept of LG Rollable OLED Screen will transform world to another zone . We will post further news soon.Below attached more pictures reveals the LG Rollable OLED Screen

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