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Lenovo's Intention To Flexible Display Wrist Phone And Foldable Tablet

Lenovo Plans To introduce Two Amazing Things , Flexible Display Wrist Phone And Foldable Tablet.
These devices are nowhere near robust enough for use out in the real world, and both looked, well, flimsy. But they worked - and that's what really counts with crazy stuff like this that just four or five years ago we would have dismissed as a fantasy.These are going to true.

Here they also demonstrated the Slap-Bracelet Wrist tying on wrist. According to Lenovo, the real trick with foldable and bendable devices isn't so much the display - a lot of progress has been made there - it's the rest of the thing. Lenovo showed  two different approaches to dealing with the unique challenges of foldable and bendable devices.

The screen isn't cracked - that's a gag demo. Engineer humor. But you can see the areas where the display has died - the black pockmarks are a very typical result of excessive stress on OLED panels.

Lenovo claims that even with all these hinges, a device like this wouldn't be much heavier or thicker than a typical smartphone

The Second approach was the foldable tablet. we can't afford too much lengthy tablets likely have 8-inch in pockets.The foldable tablet concept easily wiping out this common problem like a hero ,which is impressive.

The cover for the display itself is plastic, which is obviously highly flexible. It sort of looks like the screen has a loosely-fitting protective cover on it, because the plastic needs to be able to stretch when the device is folded up.

Lenovo assures the the foldable tablet will glimpse on market . You may thinks it is not good touch and hold the folding tablet that can make us uncomfortable ,some of us fears the insecurity of new technolgy breakdown the tablet when folds several times. Lenovo said it is really a humour and they can assure the safety of folding tablets.

But these are just ideas, and they're impressive ones at that. Lenovo wouldn't say who was building its OLED panels but said it will not Samsung or LG. Lenovo shows the presenter said it will happen sooner than 5 years.

I was really impressed with these concept .Hope it will tickle on the market.!!



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